East of Scotland Open 2019 3/4th June Strathmore

on Monday, 06 May 2019.

East of Scotland Open 3rd &4th June 2019 Strathmore

21 May Update: As you are aware, we had to change from our original venue at Cawder G C to Strathmore G C, who managed to accomodate us at short notice.

The revised dates of 3rd & 4th June are on a Monday and Tuesday.

Due to previous commitments at the club on the Monday, our tee times will be adjusted to accomodate another group that were pre-booked. Our tee times on Monday will be between 08:00 and 08:54 with a break then until 09:39. There will be another break in the afternoon between 12:57 and 13:33. Last tee time on Monday will be circa 15:03. There are no issues for Tuesday and the draws will be published in the nexxt week or so, after the North of Scotland Open.

Due to the above, and once again as most members have requested te etimes in the 10:00-12:00 slot, it has not been possible to meet everyone's rquested tee time. To view draw click onlink below. Make sure you check both days draws as the times are different on day 2.



Due to the prior commitments at the club, Practice times will be limited. Tee time availability will be late on Saturday/Sunday and from 1430 on the Friday 31st May. We would  encourage you to play a practice round before those dates if you can.Cost will be £16 and can be booked direct with the club.


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