2018 Spanish Seniors Festival

on Sunday, 21 January 2018.

2018 Spanish Seniors Golf Festival

We are looking to return to Hacienda Del Alamo (HDA) in 2018, in the week commencing Monday 22nd October.

There has been a change in management at HDA  and they are looking to invest over 300,000 Euros in course improvements in the next few months. In addition, the hotel is scheduled to open for business in July 2018, which will no doubt add to the facilities being available at the resort.

We have been asked however to give an indication of potential numbers in order to reserve the course for our competition and pay a deposit in advance.

We are therefore looking for an INDICATION from members if you are intending to go to this extremely popular week of golf this year. WE ARE NOT LOOKING FOR ANY DEPOSITS TO BE PAID AT THIS TIME. Please respond to Ian Kerr at admin@scottishseniorsgolf.com

If we receive a sufficient number of positive indications, then we will look to confirm with HDA and formalise arrangements. IF YOU CAN LET US KNOW YOUR INTENTIONS BY 5TH FEB that will allow your Committee to come to a decision. Likely costs are detailed below.

For details of costs etc. please open full article





Practice round, Sunday 21st,

1st round doubles Monday 22nd

Singles event Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

2nd round doubles Friday 26th.

Cost, Fixed Price of £315.

Included, 6 rounds of golf + half share of buggy on event days + entry to doubles and singles events.

The Festival of Golf is Open to all golfers over the age of 50 years with a max H/cap 12.


HDA properties have agreed to freeze rental costs at 2017 levels. Accommodation may also be available at the Hotel, although prices are not yet known.

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