Ballot Rules - Scottish Seniors

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Points Considered


1.    Maximum fields at Regional Opens and Spring and Autumn meetings and Presidents Cup, will be 129 and this  will be exceeded from time to time. Smaller size field exist for Matchplay events.

2.    It is neither practical nor fair to increase entry numbers beyond this figure as the volunteer administrator’s day already stretches from circa. 07:30 to 20:00.

3.    Entry list/standby rules must be fair, and we must be able to demonstrate that fairness.

4.    Members travelling a distance usually travel to events together and arrange accommodation together.

5.    At the AGM in August 2017, it was approved that all Honorary Members and Committee Members and the winner of the Annual Dinner Free entry prize are exempt from the Ballot.

Rules for Ballot in the event of oversubscribed tournaments.

1.   For all events where the maximum is exceeded as at closing date (28 days prior to each event) then a ballot system will be employed, based on exact handicap index at closing date. For the Presidents Cup however, preference initially will be given to the top 20 in the main Gross OOM and the top 10 from the Super Seniors Gross OOM in the preceding year, provided they have  played in a minimum of 4 counting events. Thereafter normal ballot rules will apply.

2.   There will only be 1 reserve list in Operation.

3.    Reserve list will be based on handicap index at closing date, in ascending handicap order.

4.    In the event of withdrawals from competition, places will be offered in line with reserve list.

5.    If a reserve list is in operation, any late entries received after closing date will be added to the end of the reserve list in order received, irrespective of the handicap of the entrant . 

6. Those players remaining on the reserve list who have not gained a place through withdrawal of another player before the start of the event are free to attend the event as standby players. They  will require to register with the administrators on arrival and will be treated on a first come first served basis, irrespective of handicap. If a standby player is required to leave before the last tee time, he should advise the administrators of his intention to do so in which case the next in line will move up. 

7. It is a STRICT RULE that if a standby player does not receive a cancellation place during the event     he will not be permitted to compete at the end of the field.



NOTE: Any player not gaining a place in the field as a result of the ballot will receive a full refund of their entry fee.

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